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Calm Down and Listen

Do you ever feel like your dog gets so excited that he can’t follow what you want him to do? Does it feel like he doesn’t listen?

Is his over-enthusiasm making classes and comps a bit of a nightmare? Do you love his attitude... if only you could tame it?

This is the course for you. Over 10 weeks, we’ll be looking at teaching your dog how to calm down, and listen.

Included are things like getting a proper, relaxing startline wait which you don’t have to stress about, teaching your dog to be still and quiet, manners around agility, enabling your dog to listen to what you are asking for through your words...

To take part, you need a dog, a set of planking blocks and 1 jump.

This course is especially aimed at teaching agility dogs to be calmer in an agility setting.

How it will work is... I will add you to a secret facebook group. Once a week you get a lesson on the group via video. You can post your videos in the group for feedback - which I will provide you within 48hrs.

And, even better, Videos are available to watch in the group for a whole 6 months after the completion of the course!

It is £99 for the full 10 week course (which works out as just £9.90 per week.) + 6 months of extra auditing!

Others who have done this course, said:

"Just to say loving the course & its content & delivery!"

"Bonny I feel so emotional! I can’t thank you enough for giving me these exercises!!!!! I feel like we are working as a team and we have found an understanding in our communication in an agility environment. To me this is an amazing foundation for us."

"A lot to work on in the time span but obviously we get  to continue after the course ends - Thank you!"

"I'm really loving the course. Really helpful, speedy feedback and the videos you post are very informative and explain the session brilliantly. Faultless."

"I have used a couple of 'on-line' courses before and been disappointed. This one however has exceeded my expectations and I am loving it. Clear and logical instructions followed up by good demonstrations and super quick feedback - what's not to like!?"

 "The content is fabulous and on point.  As a nerdy learning theorist, it makes great sense to me.  The feedback you give is second to none and I read everyone's post and your response as it often joins up a few dots in my brain."

£99 - Calm Down and Listen

This begins soon!

After purchase, please look out for a Facebook invitation to the Calm Down and Listen group. If your Facebook name and PayPal account names don't match, get in touch so the invitation gets to you. 


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