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Jump Skills

Jump Skills is a 10 week jump skill course with me, delivered via a Facebook group. And the best news is, you no longer have to wait to join... you can join NOW.

Clyde and I do all the demo exercises. There are layers of difficulty, so I will make sure you are challenged whatever your level - from youngsters through to championship dogs.

During the 10 weeks, you have the option to post your videos in the group for feedback - which I will provide you within 48hrs.

To take part, you need 2 jumps and a dog. And that is it.

We cover essentially every jump skill – threadles/pull throughs, serps, germans, wraps, push rounds/backsides, loose turns, rears, fronts etc.

The one thing I can promise is that if you follow along with the course - by the end of the 10 weeks you will have pretty awesome jump skills with your dog. You will need to be committed and do the exercises, as we will cover a lot. But the pay off will be worth it.

Massive BONUS - Videos are available to watch in the group for 6 months after the completion of the course! 

It is £99 for the full 10 week course (which works out as just £9.90 per week.) Use the button below to pay (or paypal, then send over your info below too. Then, look out for your Facebook group invite, and off you go! 


Customer Reviews

I do honestly think this has been the best online training I have done so far. It’s amazing how you have catered for beginner dogs like us right through to grade 7 dogs, and improved us all ☺ I also think it is unbelievably good value for money considering the content and detailed feedback you give. I will certainly recommend it to friends and would be really keen to do it again in a few months time because I know that you will still have plenty of things to challenge us!

I did a lot of online classes, since 2014. None of the trainers has given me such good feedback. Your style of communication - you always find the right words. Every advice you gave me, was logical for me and worked out well. I am totally looking forward to continuing. 

I want to say a huge thank you to you for your help. I've really enjoyed this course, and I'm so glad that the content is available for a longer time as I still have lots to catch up on, plus lots of revision to do both at home and now I have access to a bigger space. It's a really good course and I'd happily do it again with another dog. But more than that, I'd like to thank you for your 'other' input with my little delinquent.

I really wasn’t sure how I would cope with an on-line course, but you made it fun, broke everything down into manageable exercises and explained everything so clearly and, as always, you are so supportive and encouraging bloody brilliant, I’d say.  Thank you.

I have absolutely loved this course.

I love that I will have access to the videos for 6 months so we can practice loads and have lots to build on and hopefully get to the more advanced exercises

If I take nothing else away from this course then it will have been more than worth it to have video evidence that we can take a skill that we both feel quite ‘meh’ about, use a method to make success almost guaranteed, and then incrementally build our understanding and success rate until we both think it is fun to push the boundaries.

I am very grateful for the fabulous teaching we have received. Best online course I have done to date 🌟

Honestly can't believe how much it's helping her in other areas, and she's managing to not have brain blow out as much! So so pleased! Only half way through the course and I cannot believe how much it's helping with other areas of agility, even our running contact turns have improved. Amazing course!

Thank you Bonny for an amazing course!

I’d like to thank you Bonny for the content and for your feedback - it was on point and invaluable.

Thanks Bonny for the fantastic content!  With the help of your lessons, we have worked particularly hard on our verbals and since returning back to training and sequencing I have seen such an amazing improvement in her understanding of verbal cues 😁😁 and other great things too! Thanks so much we’ve really enjoyed it!

Thank you again Bonny for the great content on the course, the excellent feedback.

The pullthroughs is a classic example of where you could have just told us to keep practicing, but instead you went above and beyond, changed the approach and tailored your advice to help us as a specific partnership. Thank you!

"Hi! I'm Bonny. I've been training in agility for yonks, but stay fresh and competitive because evolving is fun! My dogs have won 14 CCs and lots of RCCs, plus we've represented GB, the UK and England abroad, including as team captains multiple times. We've even been lucky enough to win medals internationally, as well as nationally at Crufts and Olympia.

I give training days and other training events, as well as training online.  In 2020 Performance Dog commissioned me to write a book, Agility Bible. My aim is to make training fun for you and your dog. I try to communicate well to make the information I can share with you clear, and to empower you to be your best. I'm always open to adapting and changing to suit individuals. One size does not fit all in agility."